Do you want to be reminded of your power, courage, and strength, the beauty & magic of this life?

Do you want to remember that you are a God/Goddess worthy of devotional love & worship? 

As your private confidant, Carla will serve you in ways that will fill and nourish your Mind, Body & Soul.

Tantric Touch in Miami - Carla Zanetti
Carla Zanetti

I want to be your private confidant, your Muse and Goddess in devotion and service to you and your deepest desires, holding your fears, struggles and purpose tenderly as she helps you navigate the flow of life offering you grace, compassion, softness, and Feminine wisdom. 

I will not only inspire your heart, and mind, I will bring awakening and healing to your Soul! 

A traditional therapist might be too clinical, a life coach too serious. How can you have accountability, empowerment, fun, pleasure, and play?


I often hear people wonder if it’s the right thing for me. The answer is,  YES!
Tantra massage is a great treatment for any moment. If you are unsatisfied with yourself or your partner or if you’re just looking for extra pleasure and love, Tantra is for you.

Tantra massage is a beautiful, sensual and healing ritual.
It is one of the most intimate forms of massage because it involves massaging the entire body. The whole body gets touched in a lovely and sensual way, brining into balance the energy of the innocent inner child and the sensual adult. You will experience a deep connection with yourself and open up for the inner, sensual flow of life energy. This massage allows you to reach your innermost core. The world is hungry for more intimacy and connection. Not only with other people, but especially with ourselves & the connection to the Source.

Tantra massage is a unique opportunity to experience erotic awakening in a conscious way, since you don’t have to “do” anything, you are allowed to just receive and in this way you become aware of many things that otherwise can be easily missed in the heat of the moment. You become aware of the erotic energy itself and instead of reacting instinctually, you can relax into the experience and become fully present, you are not hunting for pleasure or trying to perform, instead the eroticism which is filled with awareness and presence makes you touch the sacredness of life itself. I see often clients arriving with stress or fear, and leave in a state of optimism, enthusiasm and encouragement.

How does Tantra Massage differ from regular massage?

When we speak about Tantra Massage, this includes a full body massage, and by that I mean full body so we include EVERYTHING.
The intention is to support the redirection of the intense sexual pleasure, so it is felt throughout the whole body, not just around the genitals. This supports vitality and good health as the energy stored in our genitals, our sexual energy, is the most potent and powerful energy on the planet, for it creates life itself. 

On our session, I’ll be guiding you through a conscious breath work and a guided meditation to help you to ground your energy and leave the monkey mind.
During the massage your full body will be  touched with love and devotion.
Your body will energized and the sensual touch also will be explored.

a brief introduction


There is an alchemical nature of touch that is profoundly healing. It supports you in releasing tensions, stuck energy, negative emotions and restlessness of the mind.
A tantric massage can help lower your heart rate and cortisol levels, and it can also promote relaxation by increasing levels of oxytocin or the feel-good hormone. When you are stressed, your body is in a constant state of fight-or-flight, which can lead to headaches, insomnia, and an overall feeling of unease.

Tantra for couples

Tantric Touch in Miami - Carla Zanetti

It’s a,great way to bond and connect with your partner
Tantra for couples can help to build a more meaningful connection with your partner by emphasizing pleasure and energy exchange. It improves better sex routines, increases closeness, reduce stress and anxiety.

I’ll be guiding you to work connection through meditation in pairs, eye gazing, understanding and setting boundaries, soft touch of the hands or fingers, feeling the “heart” of the partner, conscious hugging, stimulating the five senses, breathing techniques, voicing emotions or whispering kind words and guiding you to massage each other body.

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Get in touch for more information

*Payment cash or zelle.
I'm located in Downtown on W. Flagler near the Miami River. (Full address will be sent after the appointment is confirmed)

Please note the following when booking

For outcall there’s a $100 for travel fee.

To keep things safe, I just need to confirm your identity. You can either share a link to your social media profile, snap a pic of any document with your photo and name, or make a $40 deposit. Thanks for your understanding!

Goddess Carla is a passionate artist and a consciousness expansion facilitator.
A sensual Muse who loves to explore all things tantra, spirituality, cosmic origins, shamanism, and quantum physics. Carla’s journey of awakening began since early ages when she started questioning reality, her purpose and feeling like something was missing. 
But was after dealing with mental health issues for over a decade that she started to dig into the holistic wellness looking for self healing. She studied everything possible to understand her self and re-connected to her Spirit and awakened her spiritual gifts.
Carla truly took it upon herself and her inner voice to bring spirituality in a sacred and divine way into all parts of her personal and business life and is now happily sharing her knowledge and wisdom with her community.
Carla’s bodywork experience started at theater and dance school. The contact with the spiritual and Shamanic world are part of the Brazilian culture due to the direct influence from the native Indians and something that she has always been drawn to.
Her personal journey of sexual awakening and steering into Tantra began in 2013 when she moved from Brazil to California looking to expand her knowledge and experiences. She started to study and attend Tantra workshops, it was a deep soul connection to this path and pulls ancient wisdom from her heart which allows her to share truly phenomenal and authentic Tantric work. Carla always loved to contributing to people in many ways it’s possible. Awaken the consciousness and feel deeply into their bodies, creating a safe atmosphere so her clients can find that inner peace and Love that so many of us crave.
She is a benevolent Light Being whose purpose is to support humanity in the awakening process by being a Beacon of light, hope, and inspiration. As she steps into her authentic path and shares her unique expression, it is her hope that others will follow into finding theirs.
Carla is a certified reiki, tantrahealing and access bars facilitator.

The Bars® are 32 points on the head that store the electromagnetic component of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, beliefs, that causes stress, anxiety, depression, diseases and don’t allow us to perceive ourselves as infinite beings and the creators of our own lives. 

Studies has proved that 99% of our thoughts, feelings, emotions don’t belong to us. How many points of views and judgment we had bought from our family and or friends? 
This considerations are stored in the brain. When activated, The Bars begin to release all these files that aren’t serving us and that had created limitations in our lives.
 During an Access Bars Session 32 points are lightly touched while you’re laying down. The sensation is similar to a head massage but with a light touch 
Access Bars research was first conducted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, a Neuroscientist from Glendale, Arizona. Science is once again beginning to catch up to what Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness®, has known for more than 30 years. 
Now, we’re beginning to get the scientific proof that shows what happens in the brain before and after a Bars Session.


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frequently asked questions

I don’t provide full service.

Tantra massage isn’t a mutual massage.

It’s not Nuru/body to body massage.

Tantric massage is a practice that combines gentle touches, conscious breathing, and meditation techniques to promote relaxation, healing, and expanded consciousness.

Benefits include stress relief, increased intimacy and connection, improved sexual health, energetic balance, and self-awareness.

A tantric massage session typically takes place in a quiet, comfortable environment with the client lying down and relaxed. The therapist uses gentle, rhythmic touches throughout the body to stimulate vital energy and promote deep relaxation.

Tantric massage is a therapeutic practice focused on holistic well-being and does not necessarily involve sexual activity. However, sensuality is an integral part of the experience and may or may not include stimulation of erogenous areas, depending on the client’s preferences and established boundaries.

Prior experience in tantric massage is not necessary to enjoy its benefits. Therapists are typically prepared to guide clients during the session and tailor the experience to their individual needs.

No, the only person who gets naked is the client (receiver).

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Trantric Touch Miami.

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